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A Kona Oceanfront Condo in Paradise
Stay in our Kona Reef Condo with an ocean view

Rental Policy

Check in and Check out time:  Check in time is 4:00 P.M. the day of arrival.  Check out time is 11:00 A.M. the day of departure.  Late check out, or additional days may be arranged, subject to availability plus payment of additional fees.

ALL PERSONS STAYING AT THIS VACATION UNIT MUST BE LISTED ON THE ACCEPTANCE SHEET.  Any unregistered Guest will be considered unauthorized and you will be charged $25.00 per night for each unauthorized guest and / or  forfeit your Security Deposit.

Reservation Deposit: A three (3) night deposit (less tax ) is due at the time of the booking.  The balance including taxes, cleaning and security deposit is due 60 days prior to your arrival date. All rates and terms are subject to change.

Cancellations:  Cancellations made sixty (60) days or more prior to arrival with written notice shall be given a full refund minus $100.00 cancellation fee.  Cancellations of less than sixty (60) days prior to arrival shall forfeit the entire rent and excise tax (less cleaning fees) unless we are able to re-rent the property.  Refunds on any forfeiture will be issued the dollar value the unit is re-rented for during the same dates as the canceled reservation.  There is no refund for early departure or no shows.

ALL RESERVATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A $100.00 CANCELLATION FEE.  We offer CSA Travel Protection for your insurance against unforeseen changes in your vacation plans.

Damage Waiver: All Guests are required to pay a damage waiver fee. This is a non refundable insurance policy underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. This coverage is provided to the insured occupying the accommodation during the Covered Trip provided the insured is listed on the rental policies agreement. Insured will receive an Individual Policy in OR, WA and WY or a Certificate of Insurance for all other states. The individual policy or Group Policy will govern the final interpretation of any provision or claim. This plan is available to U.S. residents. It is also available to non U.S. residents for travel to the U.S. (if the plan is purchased through a U.S. vacation rental company).

Cleaning Deposit:  The Guest will pay cleaning fees in advance as a non-refundable cleaning deposit, prior to commencement of occupancy of premises.  Please be advised of our departure requirements, (see ‘Thanks for Helping” attached)

Payment by Check:  If payment of rent is made by check that is dishonored by the bank for any reason, the Guest agrees to pay $25.00 for each dishonored check up to the maximum allowed by state law, and subsequent rent payments, at the Kona Coast Vacations’ option, will be in a guaranteed form of payment.  If payments are made with credit cards, deposits shall be refunded through the credit card. We accept only Visa and MasterCard at this time.

Directions and Keys:    Upon receipt of full payment and the rental policies and 'Thanks for Helping' documents, you will receive a Directions Letter.  This will provide you with driving directions from the Keahole (Kona) Airport to your property, along with the code to the lock box containing the key, located at the front door of the home or you may be instructed to check in with an on-site office upon arrival. 

Utilities:  Kona Coast Vacations will pay for all the utilities and services for the premises except air conditioning if an Air Conditioning fee is stated in the long description of the unit only. 

Supplies: A start up amenities package provided for our Guests includes; dish, automatic dishwasher and hand soap, a limited supply of toilet paper, paper towels and laundry detergent. Any supplies beyond the initial start up amenities package provided by Kona Coast Vacations are to be supplied by the Guest.

Insurance:  Guest’s personal property and vehicles are not insured by Kona Coast Vacations.  Kona Coast Vacations is not responsible for any loss or theft both inside and outside the unit.

Damages:  The Guest will at the Guest’s expense and at all times maintain the premises, furnishings and appliances in clean and good condition and will surrender the same upon termination of this Agreement in as good a condition as when received.  The Guest understands that the Guest will be responsible for repair of all damage. The Guest understands that the Guest will be responsible for repair of all damage not covered under the scope of the damage waiver.  Any items missing from the unit will be charged to the guests’ credit card the replacement cost of such item.

Keys, Remote Controls:  Keys to the premises are the exclusive property of the Kona Coast Vacations. There will be a minimum charge of $50.00 for replacement of each lost key and a $75.00 charge for lost remote controls.

Pets:  No pets, dogs, cats, birds, or other animals are allowed on or about the premises, except guide, service or signal dogs pursuant to state law.

Restrictions:  Smoking is NOT permitted.  If anyone is found smoking or there is any evidence of such, the reservation shall be automatically forfeited and guests will be asked to vacate the premises immediately.  Guests are NOT to store bicycles, scuba and diving gear, inflatable rafts, or water toys inside the units.  These items can be stored on the Lanai or in one’s car.   Towels and other gear are not to be draped over the railings or visible from any other properties in the complex. 

Indemnification:  Kona Coast Vacations will not be liable for any damages or injury to the Guest, or any other person, or to any property, occurring on the premises or any part, or in common areas.  The Guest agrees to hold Kona Coast Vacations harmless from any claims for damages, regardless of how caused. The subject property may have located thereon a swimming pool, hot tub spa or have ocean front access.  A swimming pool is inherently dangerous, especially to young children and the infirm. The following are prohibited; diving & scuba gear, running in pool area; glass containers in pool area, or on the lava beds; any minor in or around pool or the ocean without adult supervision.  In consideration of the owner’s agreement to rent the subject property to the Guest, Guest agrees to strictly abide by the Pool Rules, use a standard of caution around the ocean and does further agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless owner and Kona Coast Vacations from and against all claims, liability or loss that Guest may sustain from the use or operation of the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and the ocean by Guest and/or Guest’s invitees.  Guests understand that the natural world can be dangerous, rocks are slippery and the ocean is dangerously unpredictable.  Enter at your own risk.

Entry and Inspection:  Kona Coast Vacations will have the right to enter the premises pursuant to state law; (1) In case of emergency, without prior notice. (2) To make necessary repairs, alterations, improvements, supply necessary or agreed services, exhibit the premises to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, Guests, workmen, insurance agents, or contractors.

Use:  The premises are to be used exclusively for residential purposes.  No retail or other commercial use of premises is permitted.  The premises are not to be used for meetings, receptions or for parties in excess of 10 people over the number of registered Guests for homes and 4 people over the number registered for condos.   Overnight accommodations are restricted to the number of Guests agreed upon in advance and stated in this agreement. 

Conduct:  The Guest will not violate any City, State, Association or Federal Law in or about the premises, and the Guest agrees to comply.  There will be no disturbing the peace or acts creating a nuisance or loud or unusual noises or intoxication in or about the premises at any time.  Smoking of any kind is not permitted on the premises.

Termination of Tenancy:  Upon termination, the Guest will: (1) completely vacate the premises and any parking or storage areas used by the Guest; (2) leave keys in unit or return them to the on-site office, (3) leave remote controls and garage door openers in the unit, (4) leave all furnishings in the same condition as received.  Kona Coast Vacations reserves the right to immediately terminate the tenancy if the Guest violates any part of this agreement .

Governing Law:  This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Hawaii, applicable to Agreements made and fully performed in Hawaii, by Hawaii residents.

Entire Agreement:  The parties acknowledge that this Agreement expresses their entire understanding and agreement, and that there have been no warranties, representations, covenants or understandings made by either party to the other except such as are expressly set forth in this Agreement.

Attorney Fees:  In the event that either party is required to retain the services of any attorney to enforce or otherwise litigate or defend any matter or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, then the prevailing party will be entitled to recover from the other party, in addition to any other relief awarded or granted, its reasonable costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred in the proceeding.

Compliance with Law:  Both parties agree to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations in performing their duties.
  In the event that any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable pursuant to judicial decree or decision, the remainder will remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.

Notices:  All notices, demands or consents required or permitted under this Agreement will be in writing and will be delivered in person or by facsimile, mailed or emailed prior to stay.   The service of any notice on one Guest will be deemed a service of all occupants with the premises.


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